Happy Patients

Art Saldana

I started "New U" 3 months ago. At that time I weighed 242 lbs., with body fat at an unhealthy 31%. I didn't have any energy, couldn't sleep, and couldn't even bend over to tie my shoes. 12 weeks later: I have lost 30 lbs., my body fat is down to 20%, my Cholesterol dropped 33 points, and my triglycerides by 247. I have gone from a size 44 waist down to a 40, and even those are too big! My energy level has increased dramatically. I can now sleep the whole night through, and I can finally bend over to tie my shoes. I am so excited about how good I feel!

Art Saldana

Happy Customer

Before I had the meridian stress test done by Dr. Chad, I felt sluggish, could not sleep very well, had no energy, and felt like I did not digest my foods very well. I know I did not digest my foods very well because I do not have my gallbladder; it was removed several years ago. I have been taking the supplements that Dr. Chad recommended for about 60 days now, and I feel great. I have a lot more energy, I sleep much better, and I feel that I digest my foods better. Overall my body feels cleaner!

Matt Cullivan


The last straw was seeing my picture talking to bunch of co-workers at a retirement lunch. My thought was who is that fat guy, it was rather depressing. Thus, when my wife suggested doing the living well program I jumped at the chance I needed a kick start. My co-workers gave me a bad time the first week or so, " you're taking how many capsules and only eating vegetables and fruit, O'kaaay". Well 47 pounds later and 2+ pant sizes smaller I'm getting a much different response now. The program was difficult at times, but over all it was much easier than expected. My weekly weigh ins became let's see if I can shock Dr. Chad with a large loss again. I believe the initial 3 week cleansing and the ongoing exercise were the key to me. I will and have recommended this program to anyone that needs a little help in losing weight and or increasing their energy level. Before the program I would walk up a single flight of stairs and be out of breath now after 30 hard minutes on the elliptical and 150 sit-ups I can actually have a conversation.

Chad thanks for the life change.

Gilbert A.


The 12 week program I completed through your office and the Living Well Clinic was a very positive experience. I was able to lose 24 pounds in the 12 weeks, but more importantly, I feel better, I sleep better, and I have more energy. I am a fairly active person, and incorporating regular exercise into my normal routine was easier than I expected. This program is not merely a weight loss program, but a way to make a positive change in your lifestyle and in your general health. It may sound strange, but I now enjoy the individual flavors of the foods I eat. No matter what your goal, whether it’s weight loss or to improve your health, I would highly recommend this program. You get out of it what you put into it. ENJOY!!!!

Jan A.


I started the "New U" Program at Living Well Clinic 12 weeks ago. Since that time my whole life has changed. My energy level as increased, and I now love to exercise. All my clothes are too big, which feels great because I get to buy a whole new wardrobe. I have lost 25 lbs. and 8 percent body fat, and I now love who I see in the mirror. On top of all that, I sleep much, much better. I have taken control of my life, and with the support I am getting I am reaching my personal goals!

Lisa Thomas

On the morning of January 30, 2007 while waiting at a traffic signal I was rear-ended by a bus. Immediately my lower back, upper back and neck started to hurt, and get really tight. I also had bad headaches. One of my friends recommended that I go to see Dr. Chad. I gave his office a call and they got me in right away for treatment. I showed up to Living Well Clinic with my pain level at a 7 out of 10, and I was worried that I would not be able to participate in all of the outdoor activities that I am used to doing. Dr. Chad assured me that I would get better, and sure enough 8 weeks later my pain level is down to a 2 out of 10, I have resumed all of my normal activities, and I feel great! Thanks to all who helped me at Living Well Clinic.

Pete Rodriguez